Favourites in Fixtures

Kitchen & Bath Designers, Dean & Lauren share their favourite brands in plumbing fixtures and tell us why. Find out what fixtures are recommended for your price range, whether it be low, medium or high end. 

Cabinetry Choices

Astro carries our house brand, as well as two exclusive cabinetry lines that are top of the line. Downsview cabinetry, is made here in Canada and is famous for their traditional cabinets.  For those that like modern, our Aster Cucine line from Italy is made custom for your kitchen. Learn more from our Kitchen & Bath Designers, Lauren & Julia as they talk cabinetry choices for your kitchen.  

Lighting Up Your Space

New to Ottawa is Astro's Premier Lighting Gallery; an extensive collection of designer and luxury lighting to choose from for any room in your home. See what our designers, Dean & Nathan have to say about our new lighting collections, that will truly make any home light up. 

Accessorize Your Space

Have fun with accessories when completing your space to get the look you want. With Astro's new accessory line from Denmark, Frost has one-of-a-kind products that allow you to be creative when accessorizing your space.  

Ready to Remodel?

Start planning your dream space with one of our Professional Designers.


Watch Our Client Story Videos

See more videos featuring our designer's and their clients talk about their project and what it's like working with the Astro team. 

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